EvLab is looking for participants

In addition to healthy adult volunteers, we are actively recruiting the following groups of participants for our fMRI studies:

  • polyglots (individuals who fluently speak 5 or more languages)
  • individuals who grew up with little or no linguistic input (such situations arise occasionally when deaf kids born to hearing parents do not get diagnosed as such until later in life)
  • individuals who either have congenital brain anomalies (especially in the left frontal and/or temporal cortices) or have had brain surgery to remove substantial portions of left frontal and/or temporal cortex at some point in their life.

Please get in touch if you are one of these individuals and tell us a little more about yourself. We are also always recruiting healthy adult participants. To receive announcements about our and other research studies, please sign up here: http://mailman.mit.edu/mailman/listinfo/bcs_subjects.