Functional characterization of the human speech articulation network


Alexandra Basiliakos, Kimberly G. Smith, Paul Fillmore, Julius Fridriksson, and Evelina Fedorenko


All of the materials can be found in one folder here.

Condition List of Stimuli Videos
Easy Articulation Download Download
Hard Articulation Download Download
Vowels Download Download
Non-speech Oral Movements Download Download
Respiration Sequences Download Download

The Parcels

Download a file that contains all 11 parcels (ArticParcels_Smithetal.img/hdr).
Download the files for the individual parcels (artic*.img/hdr files).

The Probabilistic Activation Overlap Map

Download the probabilistic overlap map for the HardArticulation>Fixation contrast (based on 20 individual activation maps, tresholded at p<0.001, uncorrected level).

Individual Activation Maps

Download a zip file that contains each subject's activation maps for each contrast.