EvLab Family

Principal Investigator

Evelina (Ev, as in ‘ever’, not Eve) Fedorenko

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Ev's Mentorship Statement

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Part-time Research Scientists

Alfonso Nieto Castañón
Alfonso's Personal Website

Post Docs

Grad Students

Eghbal Hosseini
Eghbal's Personal Website
Saima Malik Moraleda
Saima's Personal Website
Greta Tuckute
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Hope Kean

Full-time RAs / PostBacs

Maya Taliaferro
Colton Casto
Niharika Jhingan

Part-time RAs / UROPs

Mia Hong
Elizabeth Lee
Heidi Durresi
Hee So Kim
David Oluigbo
Jason Chen

Honorary Members

Ray Jackendoff

Our Lab Equipment

Meet our lab equipment named in honor of individuals in history who did not get sufficient credit for their contributions to science / engineering.

Our laptops:
Our projector:
Our desktop machines:


Several lab alumni have kindly agreed to be contacted if you wanted to talk about Ev’s mentoring style, lab climate, and related issues. Those who have volunteered to be contacted are marked accordingly below.


Graduate Students

Post-bac full-time RAs

Select undergraduate students